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NY City NewsService

“Rich Playground, Poor Playground” was produced for the NY City NewsService by the members of Professor Steve Strasser’s Fall 2013 editing class: Gabrielle Alfiero, Kevin R. Convey, Jordan Davidson, Catherine Featherston, Angela Johnson, Kamelia Kilawan, Corrie Lacey, Michael Russell, Tobias Salinger and Anna Teregulova. Jess Scanlon, also of the Class of 2013, contributed her article to the site.

A special thanks to those Craft students in the Class of 2014 who worked together with us to produce this project. We are very grateful for your help and appreciate your excellent work.

Allegra Abramo

Rebecca Bratak

Valentina Cordero

Kelly Dickerson

Arman Dzidzovic

Camilo Gomez

Jenna O’Donnell

Pearl Macek

Jennifer Lehman

Denisse Moreno

Kayle Schnell